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Brothel in thomastown, Victoria
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  • 94-96 Trawalla Avenue
    Thomastown, Victoria 3074 Australia
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Pricing Details
Our Pricing Structure

20 minutes $85

30 minutes $105

45 minutes $140

60 minutes $180

Service Details
Operating Type
  • Establishment
PCA Code
  • PCA142B
Hours Of Operation
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 4:00 am
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 4:00 am
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 4:00 am
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 5:00 am
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 am
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 am
User Reviews/Comments (40)
  • Review for The Oasis of the North

I have always found that the ladies her provide excellent service for a reasonable charge. I like it that the Oasis is away from residential areas yet easily accessible by car.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Went with Eva, what a terrible experience, wouldn'tlet me touch her tits (because she was ticklish). After 15 mins of sex. told me that she was sore and can't have sex.. what a waste

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

My fav lady is angelique. very popular &busy. she gives a great service. there are a lot of new ladies and they provide excellent services. Oh.. eva, doesnt work there anymore. I have recommened my friends to visit. I will be making an booking with angelique asap!

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

On a night cruise I drop by to see what ladies were available as this place as this was my first time to this parlor

The first lady was old and reminded me of my primary school teacher and the second lady came out and I think her name was kimmy she was asian decent, I was going to book her but the second guy was faster choose her so I left the place

Not sure if I will come back to this place, maybe if kimmy is still there, I'll come back just for her


  • Review for The Oasis of the North

angelique is my fav lady! great service,friendly. does charge for extras, but its worth it.
cant wait to see her again.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

angelique is always professional, classy,fantastic service. I always make a booking,otherwise I have to wait to see her. she does do extras but she charges. which is ok with me. Ive been her reg, for a while now.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

have been coming here for months and finaly spent time with ivy last saturday as she has always been busy when i have visited. absolutly stunning appearance, blondie with nice firm bust and tall which i love. Shes quite a funny personality and gave an energetic service tho she does not allow kissing i assume because she is so young! ( i think 20 or 19 ) but still worth every cent to spend time with this beautiful lady

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

My favorite lady is subrina, who you usualy have to book as tours twice a month. Excellent service does extras does charge but worth it. Great body too

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Subrina is my favorite lady. Great service charges extra more than worth it, great body too. She only comes to melbourne twice a month and is busy I make a booking now

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Angelique is my fav lady. Ive been her reg for a long time. I used to just drop in,but now I have to make a booking to see her. Shes very busy.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

The ladies at oasis are good,provide a great services,you have to pay for extras. Its clean,large modern showers. And I like the privacy and huge parking. I will be back again soon.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Went with kimi, terrible experience,she doesnt speak english much,she will not do kissing or extras unless you pay her a huge tip,in the thousands! She is not worth it. shes pushy&rude. Bad service. I complained to the manager, got my money back! I will go back to oasis, but I will stay with another lady.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Stayed with angelique, for 20mins, had a fantastic service.she blew my mind! I gave her an extra 100 tip. Im so happy. Im recommending my friends to her and this great brothel. This was my first time& it wont be my last.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

All the good looking ladies are on during the day,aftn&some nights. Only problem is that on weekends too many ladies who are old enough to be your mom,or grandmother! But otherwise its a great place,most of the ladies are friendly. Will return soon.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Ive been coming here for years, and have stayed with many diff ladies. All the ladies are nice,friendly. Most of them have regs,& are very busy! I like coming here you get a selection of ladies, ages to choose from?

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Im from sydney and I come down to melb, for business. I always visit&spend time at oasis. Great service& prices. I have a few fav ladies there but generally all the ladies are good. Will be back soon.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

I think Subrina gives the best oral in melbourne amazing techniques, beautiful big lips, so easy to get on with, looks like an upmarket city girl.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

I like this brothel, during the day its private intros. And night its lounge, u can mingle,chat with the ladies. Its like a nightclub! They even offer you drinks. You can play pool while u wait for your fav lady. Its close to the melb airport. I m from queensland and I come to melb once a mth. Ive stayed with,angelique,maria,kayla.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

chose ivy based on her hot figure, long legs and nice tits , with long blonde hair and cheeky grin in the intro. Very friendly. Early 20s id say, didnt ask. Usual health check and now get ur butt in the shower she said handing me a towel... Ill be back she grinned. Apon her return i was ready to go, i asked if we could skip the bj as i tend to finish quickly! No worries she giggled, rolled on the dinger and spun around mounting me reverse cowgirl..... Wow! Best view! Will be back, ivy is a sexy garl!

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Angelique gives the best service. Fun,friendly. She will pamper you! I was so happy with the service that I gave her 100 tip!

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

I stayed with may lee, asian lady, was disappointed with her services. Shes rude&money hungry! shes rips you off! Be very careful with this one. She will try to force you to stay hours&hours. Next time I will stay with the other ladies of oasis.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

I like coming here,all the ladies are nice,friendly,hot. I have stayed with maria,,christina,stacey,kayla,ivy. These ladies are my fav. Sometimes the ladies are so busy that its better to book them straight away when they do their intros, otherwise you have to wait 30mins or more.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

All the ladies here are beautiful,friendly&provide fantastic services. My fav ladies are,stacey,angelique,ivy,kayla,subrina,maria. I cant wait to book them again!

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

This morning at 2am I stayed with kimi (asian) for 1hr, what.a waste of money! She promises the world&doesnt deliver! She ripped me off $200. I complained to the receptionist. I will come back here and stay with the other ladies of oasis. I will never stay with kimi again.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Please do not stay with kimi &may lee. I booked kimi ,then after an hr, she bought up her sister, may lee?
I wasnt interested in her,but she was pushy. May lee did all the work &kimi just sat there smiling lookin pretty. They both ripped me off $200. I will never stay with them as again! Dont waste your money or time with these asian ladies. I will come back to oasis, but I will stay with the other ladies. I have complained to mangement.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Last nite I went to see who was on,i didnt get to meet all the ladies,because is lady called kimi, jumped on me,on my lap &started havin simulated sex in the intro room. I booked her for 30mins& I was disappointed with her services. Shes promises you everything and does nothing in the room! Becareful with this one! Not happy,i should of stayed with the other ladies.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

My fav lady is Danni, shes only there a few days a week but each time I have stayed with this lady she has given a great service...friendly,funny and the best oral exprience I have had...a very sensual service and a very warm lady.will be back for Danni.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Stayed with Eva on wed,dont waste yr money..terrible service...will be back but wont stay with her ever again.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

that is crazy! we pay a lot of money but most of the time the service is very poor! i stop taking young girl they think they are the princesse! i hate when they do health check! they are the one who have sex each hours not us. i come here only for paris and michelle! do not take ivy or iva u will regret!

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

My fav lady is angelique but l am sad cos she's leaving the industry next yr. I will be makin app to see her, before she leaves for good.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

First of all I do apologise to those who have stayed with kimmy and had a bad experience. I just read the reviews today and haven't visited this website for few months now until today.

I did actually see kimmy a few months back and decided to visit this parlour because of price 140 for 45min

I was wrong about only having to pay 140 for 45mins

To me I had a good and bad experience with Kimmy She does charge extras and a whole heap for those who wanted to know I'll break it down in detail

For the 140 for 45min you get full service with protection but she does not really put in much effort star fish experience and the session is not really exciting

For the experience to be exciting you really have to go for the Extras or to me upsales

The Extras - For 100 dollars extra she'll do DFK
- For another 100 Dollars she'll provide no protection handjob
- For 200 dollars extra She'll give you a blowjob / For 400 dollars she'll give you a throatjob and for 450 dollars she give you pornstar throatjob which included's gagging

My session with her

It was 10mins into the session and I knew that this was going to be the worst punt of my life she did tell me about the extras 5min into the session but for to disagree mad the whole experience worst

After 10min I did decided to go for the 450 but than she wanted 500 So I made the payment she than said that for another 100 on top of the 600 she have the time extended to an 1 and a half so I accepted
knowing that I'll never come back again

After the payment the experience started to change a whole heap she said that she had to get something and will be back I had a dreadful feeling that she was cheating for time but she cam back pretty quickly. First she uses olive oil to oil herself up which stared to get me excited than she started to oil me up with olive oil while standing and gave me a body rub at this point I was full on hard after that we which we started of with sloppy DFK which she told me was on her jump into bed with more DFK after that she jumped on top put more olive oil on my little man and started grinding her pussy against my little man which felt really good we than had a 69 than she lay on the bed and olive oil her boobs and told me to tit fuck her which felt really good as well she than told me to stand on the bed and she was on her knee's on bed and gave me a throatjob with alot gagging involved after she lay on the bed with her head on the edge of the bed and told me to fuck her throat after that while her head was still on the edge she lets me tit fuck more while fingering her after this she got on her knees and wanted me to stand on the bed again and more deepthroat gagging, she than put a whole heap of olive oil in her month and deaththroat while oil was on her month I felt really good that I had to cum she than continued on and I came twice down her throat She wanted to continue but told her I was tied so DFK until the session ended


Total cost for the experience $840

Staying with Kimmy is costly - At first I felt like I got ripped off, after the experience Its fells like it was worth it

I'm neutral at the moment, Will I come back to see Kimmy...? maybe not because of the cost factor

Kimmy charges escort rates so 140 is just like hiring a room for a time limit (45min)

Hope these helps

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

We stayed with Angelique two weeks ago on Fri nite. We had a threesome& a friends watching from another room. It costs over $350 extra for the fantasy but it was fantastic& worth it. This time l will come back for Angelique and see her by myself! but this time l will make a booking. Otherwise l will be waiting, she's a very busy,popular lady.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Kayla gives an awsome service. experienced to the max. real bikie chick! will cone back for her.
slim,tanned&long blonde hair.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Very busy brothel, huge choice of ladies,most of them gorgeous. plenty of car parking. the popular ladies have lots of regs and you sometimes have to wait to meet them/stay. most popular are,bailey,angelique,kayla,jacinta,stacey,monica,lola,bella,subrina,skye

dont waste your time/money on kimmi,mai lee,jessica.RIP OFF ARTISTS. they move around to different brothels everyweek.

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Went with Donna last time.. Wow what a cougar.. Recommend to all to go and stay a while with her. Very hot and had a lot of fun..
I used to see Tracey a while back but she's not here any more.. Damn shame, if any one knows where she is now I'd love to find out

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

these reviews seem oddly specific and unbelievable. 6 reviews were placed in a 24 hour window in august. And they are very specific comments of the same girls over and over, and a few are called 'rip off artists' more than once. For all the other brothels there is maybe 3-5 reviews, but there's 35 for Oasis. I could be wrong, but perhaps some WLs are writing these malicious or outstanding reviews...

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

We are 1st timer to go there tommorow, my friend and me want to check it out the ladys there if the service is good and nice? and we want to know if the Ladys there have a good attitude or bad! i read the review post and some of the post i read is not good, But anyway the important is they have GOOD service in every customer especial to US we are 1st timer i'm looking forward to have a Good service and GOOD memorable experience in Oasis. :-).

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Angie /angelique provides a wide range of services/fantasies
She can do standard GFE or PSE (is an extra $$$+ non negotiable)
It's prefered that you make a booking, as she's quite popular and l found out the hard way and I had to wait.
I stayed with her for 45mins. :)
I will book her again soon.. And l will recommend her to my friends!
She's only available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after 3pm. b

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

It's been 5mths since I visited oasis, wow.. Lots of new ladies here, even the staff are new.
Very friendly and professional service.
Thank you shelby for a good time

  • Review for The Oasis of the North

Used to be a good place, now too many junkies working here! If they got rid of them, and lower the prices,l would come back and stay.
They need more clean, classy women here.
It's the junkies who have ruined this joint, it used to be the most busiest brothel.

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