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That's right! sexinthecity.com.au caters for both men and women
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    Have you just discovered your new favourite past-time? Never knew such girls existed? Want to contact providers without the run around of going back and forth from website to website?

    Another fabulous feature we provide to our Registered Users is access to our otherwise restricted functionalities! Let other users know what you have learned and experienced by adding reviews and leaving feedback.

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    There are many adult communities out there, some which have large userbases. Sex in the City however is unique in it's own right and is only going get grow bigger and stronger as time will tell.

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    As an incentive for more user-generated content by yes, you the user, sexinthecity.com.au will be running monthly prizes and giveaways for registered members of the site, commencing October, 2012. So in the meanwhile, Register as a member, contribute content to the site by means of comments/reviews and stay tuned for your chance to win!